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A job well done
Mon Nov 13, 2017 06:52

Even when all you can do is just a little bit, go ahead and
do it, with all the care and commitment you can give to it.
Even the smallest effort accomplishes much more than

Though it may take you a long time to finish, go ahead and
get started. For if you delay, the work will take even

Be willing to do the tedious and time-consuming jobs. For
they are often what give substance and lasting value to the

A job well done is a job completed with enthusiasm,
gratitude, focus and persistence. A job well done can add
great value to your life and your world.

Putting forth effort toward a clear and meaningful goal
brings a kind of satisfaction that cannot be reached in any
other way. True fulfillment is yours when you've done the
work to make it so.

A job well done brings your mind, body and spirit completely
to life. And it provides the opportunity for another, even
more fulfilling, job well done.

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