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Testosterone Phenylpropionate
Mon Nov 13, 2017 09:26

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Testosterone Phenylpropionate

Product details

Testosterone PhenylpropionateCAS: 1255-49-8EINECS: 215-014-4Assay: 99% min.Molecular Formula: C28H36O3

Molecular Weight: 420.59

Appearance:White crystalloid powderUsage: Pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin. As a male hormone and anabolic hormones


Testolent is the name given to testosterone with the phenylproprionate ester. This particular ester is a medium length ester that falls squarely between testosterone long ester (cypionate) and short ester (propionate). Injections of two to three times per week are appropriate for this steroid.

As with any testosterone, Testolent will give the user more mass to the muscle, burn fat in the body, enhance libido, increase immunity and increase energy. All the usual side effects of testosterone can also be expected conversion to estrogen and DHT, gynocomastia and water-retention.

You will need to administer Testosterone-Phenylpropionate three times per week; the first dose will give you lots of energy which will reduce after two days. The second, on the other hand will increase the effects of the hormone in the body, and the third will ensure your blood levels remain stable and peaked. You might be able to get away with two injections per week, and some will find every other day to be extremely useful, but three injections per week is a good rule of thumb.


Test Items


Test Results


White or almost white crystalline powder

White powder

Loss on drying



Optical rotation



Melting Point






Free acid




The aboye product conforms analysis standard


Product commerce clause

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