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Treatment Of Breast Cancer AI Letrozole
Mon Nov 13, 2017 09:33

Landmark Nutraceuticals Co.,Limited is one of the best China treatment of breast cancer ai letrozole manufacturers, welcome to buy or wholesale cheap and quality treatment of breast cancer ai femara from our factory.

Treatment of Breast Cancer AI Letrozole

Product details

Molecular formula: C17H11N5  Molecular weight:285.30

CAS No: 112809-51-5

Assay: 99.8%

Place of origin : China

Quality standard: Enterprise standard

Appearanceoff-white crystalline powder


For breast cancer treatment.Some breast cancers need the hormone oestrogen to grow. In women who have been through the menopause, the main source of oestrogen is through the change of sex hormones called androgens into oestrogen. An enzyme called 'aromatase' is needed for this change to occur. Letrozole works by inhibiting (or blocking) this enzyme. This reduces the amount of oestrogen in your body, which slows the growth of the cancer cells.

For infertility treatment. Letrozole is a recent addition to the drugs being used for fertility treatment. Fertility drugs are used often in infertility treatments. There are two situations in which fertility drugs may be useful. First, these drugs can be used to induce an egg to develop and be released in women who are not ovulating on their own. This is known as ovulation induction. Fertility drugs can also be used to increase the chances of pregnancy in women who are already ovulating. This is known as superovulation.

For athletics and bodybuilding. In athletics and bodybuilding, it is used as an ancillary compound within anabolic steroid cycles for its estrogen reducing properties, and has the additional benefit of modestly increasing testosterone levels. Many anabolic steroids aromatize (convert to estrogen via the aromatase enzyme), a process that is responsible for many of the undesirable side effects which accompany anabolic steroid use such as acne, gynecomastia, water-retention, etc.






White Crystalline Powder

Assay(by TLC)



Melting Point

181~183 degree centigrade

181.5~183 degree centigrade

Loss On Drying



Total Impurities



Heavy Metals

20PPm max


Product commerce clause

1.Our supply ability is 100kg per month and minimum order quantity is 50 grams. Packaging is 1kg/aluminum foil bag.

2.The parcel will be delivered within 5-7 working days by EMS/HKEMS/HKSP/FedEx/TNT. Reship policy will be offered if your parcel is stopped in the custom unfortunately.

3.We accept payment by bitcoin/western union/money gram.

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