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ATC High Speed Milling And Machining Electric Spindle
Mon Nov 13, 2017 09:52

Spindle motor features:1)Imported bearings with good quality, long working life.2) Application: Milling,Engraving,Drilling in all kinds of CNC Router machine.3) There are water cooling spindle  , air cooling spindle and self cooling spindle for your choose.4) Every spindle motor must be passed polishing process, Improve spindle concentricity to increase motor working life.Provide:1.water cooling:300w,800w,1.2kw,1.5kw,2.2kw,3kw,4kw,3.2kw,4.5kw,5.5kw2.air cooling: 800w,1.5kw,2.2kw.3.5kw,4.5kw,6kw,7.5kw,12kw3.cooled by self: 400w4.ATC spindle: cooled by water: 1.5kw,2.2kw,5.5kw,6kw,7.5kwcooled by air: 8kw,9kw (same HSD)5.sealing side spindle:350w,550w,700w,750w,1.1kw,1.8kw,2.2kwWe also have spindle motor matching inverter(VFD), collet , gripper etc.If you need other kinds of parts, please don't hesitate to contact us. url:

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