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Electroplated Diamond Core Bit
Thu Nov 30, 2017 21:36

Electroplated Diamond core bit /PDC No-coring drill bit /PDC core drill bitSpecification:Φ48 Φ56 Φ65 Φ75 Φ94 Φ113 Φ133 Φ153 Φ190 Φ216Main  application1:Use  for the purpose of geology coalfield, metallurgy building and mining;2:Use  for the project survey for road, rail, bridges, the house construction, and hydroelectric power;3:Use  for soft formation, base foundation reinforcement, and used for broken ground and reinforcement and grouting;4:Use  for large-diameter drilling, hydrogeologic well drilling and building file drilling;5:Use  for the monitoring drilling of tunnel, ventilation, and the drilling and sampling into concrete.FeatureAdopt the PDC cutters with high density distruction, apply to the soft to semi-hard formation(f≤10), the water wash the leading edge of blades, have the characters of high drilling rate and long working life, etc.We also can design and manufacture of various non-standard drill tools.        url:

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