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Aluminium Oval Sleeves Or Ferrules
Fri Dec 1, 2017 04:19

Aluminium FerrulesAluminium ferrules have been specially developed for steel wire ropes. Special characteristics:• Suitable for all kinds of steel wire ropes• For use in yachting and architecture• Manufactured from seamless tubes• Available in the sizes 1 - 80• Finished with our cylindrical press dies

FerrulesAluminium FerrulesAluminium ferrules compliant with DIN EN 13411-3 for rope slings compliant with DIN EN 13414-1.Special characteristics:• For ropes with a max tensile strength of 1960 N/mm2 • Suitable for wire ropes compliant with EN 12385-4 • Made from seamless tubes to DIN EN 13411-3 • Available in the sizes 2.5 - 60 • Available in the sizes 1.0 - 2.0 outside of the standard• Finished with cylindrical press dies


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