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uSat Portable Flat Satellite Terminal Ku band
Fri Dec 1, 2017 08:00

The flat terminal is integrated by a thin,Website:, high gain Ku band flat array antenna panel, BUC&LNB, satellite router module from Hughes, ViaSat, iDirect or any others which are used by customers. All units are mounted on antenna panel and sealed by a special metal shield.

The state of art terminal is light-weight, small size, easy to install and with high reliability. It will lead satellite communication terminal in new form from traditional VSAT terminal (consisting of parabolic antenna, separated ODU and IDU units).

It is the flat antenna with slotted waveguide array technology, lead satellite antenna to new form. And combine the Modem, BUC, LNB together with flat antenna, making it a completed satellite terminal.
Can be used for emergency communications, military, etc applications.

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