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Wed Dec 6, 2017 03:28

Basic Info.
Organic chemicals and Derivatives
Product name: Mono-(6-Ethanediamine-6-deoxy)-beta-Cyclodextrin
CAS No:60984-63-6
Chemical Formula :C44H76N2O34
Molecular weight: 1177.07
Product description:
Description Mono-(6-ethanediamine-6-deoxy)-β-Cyclodextrin
Feature Organic amine  groups in a neutral or acid conditions can be positively charged which have very good composite ability to guest molecules.
Diamine group can form complex with many metal ions , such as Cu2+,Cr3+,Mg2+ and so on. This provide new approachs to achieve artifical enzyme and highlight supramolecular researches.
Diamine also provide a secondary amine group and a primary amine group which can be linked to many functional group. This make diamine cyclodextrin an important intermediate for cyclodextrin synthsis.
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