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Sun Jan 7, 2018 00:07

Arrogance is the worst kind of loneliness because it is
entirely self-imposed. If you become impressed with your own
importance, everyone else ceases to be impressed at all.

The worst kind of ignorance is to think you know it all. For
that is an ignorance into which you sink more deeply as each
moment passes.

Those who are most genuinely admired are those who have no
need to be admired. Those who learn the most are those who
have the honesty to admit what they do not know.

Anyone who must announce that he is an expert most likely is
not. The real experts are those who spend their time
listening and learning rather than boasting and preening.

Humility is a virtue that will carry you far. When you are
free from the crushing demands of ego, there is so very much
more you can accomplish.

Let go of the need to be better than others. And you'll free
yourself to reach magnificent heights of success and

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