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Pocket Hearing Aid Online
Tue Jan 9, 2018 02:45

The 28P is the best personal sound hearing amplifier type of pocket hearing aid online for mild severe hearing loss with the portable earphone and operate easily special for elderly using.

Best pocket hearing aid online 28P

1.Exquisite design,obvious button, easy operation
2.Pocket body hearing aid, can be easily wear in the belts, trouser pockets and other places
3.Corresponding uncomfortable threshold properly adjust the maximum output, protect ear
4.3 different shape earplugs are provided, which can fit different people's ear;
5.AA battery, long using time, easy to purchase
6.0-7 volume grade, "0" mean Min,"7" mean Max, suitable for moderate and Severe hearing loss
7.Frequency adjustment function, "O" mean Power off, "M" mean Microphone. "T" mean Telephone, Different function keys suit for different environment url:

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