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Air Conditioner Filter Cloth
Tue Jan 9, 2018 03:37

Air Conditioner Filter Cloth is concave-convex honeycomb pattern. It can be divided into 4 types, including more than 20 models. In addition, we can adjust the width and length as per your orders.
Material : nylon 6,nylon 66,nylon yarn
Maintenance method of Air Conditioner Filter Cloth:
The maintenance of the Air Conditioner Mesh Filter is very important for the air conditioner unit, because it directly affects the cleanliness of the indoor air, so do the daily maintenance of the Air Conditioner Filter Parts is the key part of the central air-conditioning unit maintenance.
Weave way : plain weave,twill weave
Thread diameter : 40-550 micron
Mesh/inch :10-330 mesh/inch
Sales Manager: Sara
Skype: springmesh
Twitter: springmesh
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