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Aluminum Alloy Castings
Wed Jan 10, 2018 00:24

The density of aluminum alloy casting is smaller than that of cast iron and cast steel, but the strength is higher.Therefore, aluminum alloy castings can be used to reduce the weight of the structure under the same load conditions.Aluminum alloy casting have been widely used in the aviation industry, power machinery and transportation machinery manufacturing.Aluminum alloy has good surface gloss, good corrosion resistance in air and fresh water,Therefore, it is widely used in the manufacture of containers.Pure aluminum and aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity, the heat exchanger used in chemical production, as well as the power of mechanical requirements of good thermal conductivity of parts, such as internal combustion engine cylinder head and piston, etc.
The use of Aluminum Alloy put forward a very high demand on Aluminum Alloy casting material and surface finish,don't allow the existence of the porosity and sand inclusion problems.
Our aluminum alloy casting by using investment casting and precision casting process.can produce all kinds of complicated shape of aluminum alloy casting,and can ensure the material of products and perfect surface finish. url:

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