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Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot (0.2mm-2.5mm)
Wed Jan 10, 2018 00:39

Feature of stainless steel cut wire shot:

1. It is produced by cold drawn stainless steel wire, it is absolutely free from micro structural defects;

2 Stainless steel cut wire size is stabilized/uniform due to the drawing process control;

3. Equal hardness and excellent homogeneity because of high quality of raw materials and quality control methods;

4. Higher durability compare to cast steel shots and steel girt;

5. The components peened with conditioned cut wire shots have a greater fatigue life than the same components peened with cast steel shots;

6. Less dust during operation contribute to a better work environment;

7. Obviously effet on surface of parts, bright and clean;

8. Low wastage during operation;

9. Reduce the time for shot peening and save electricity;

10. Cut down maintenance cost of shot blasting machines and decrease production cost.

11. Durability: 6000 to 32000 circles.

12. High strength and non-friable, used by a wide range of machinery, chemical equipment, vessel, container and so on.

13. What's more, stainless steel shot can store longtime but not rust. url:

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