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Cafe chair
Thu Feb 8, 2018 17:02

Chair parameter: face width: 360mm face height: 425mm back height: 825mm leg distance 405mm weight 5.8 kg.
Packing: 4 PCS/box packing size: 530*460*1180mm.
Your color difference is the color of your choice.
The coffee shop chairs are tailored to taste personality.
Super solid and durable, individual character, extension craftsman quality, fine welding spray.
Ergonomic design, use comfort.
Organize more time space.
The product must have four advantages.
1. Fine technology
Stable and durable quality: lengthen sitting depth, careful welding, rock-solid, fine spray, firm chair foot.
The seat is deep and lengthened, and the body is comfortable and considerate.
The back seat of the chair is welded closely to ensure the fastness of the backrest;
The cross fixed frame prevents the extrusion impact deformation, increases the weighing and durable.
It has a smooth surface, smooth feel, concave and convex groove design, more fashion;
Iron alloy material, strong and durable!
2. Colorful colors
Your color difference is up to you.
Colorful colors can be selected.
A chair, like life, is cut out, and don't let it become a drag on your life.
Exquisite fashion iron dining chair, rich in color, free choice, make your life colorful!
3. Save space
Don't let the chair take up your space.
Organize more time, save space!
The concept of human-centered design integrates personality design. The products of jinhui are fully embodied in the pursuit of human nature, which can save time and save space after finishing.
4. Wide application
Boutique fashion cafe chair.
The cafe chair of fashionable and contracted individuality.
Jinhui colorful fashion chair.
Ergonomic design, use comfortable, iron alloy hard iron, smooth and delicate feel, fashion concave and convex groove design, fashion beauty, your home essentials! url:

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