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Yubian Non Woven Polyester Film Wrap Line
Thu Feb 8, 2018 18:15

※ Product Name: non-woven/polyester film covered wire
※ Product Introduction: non-woven/polyester film covered wire is wire made by oxygen free copper rod or electrical round aluminum bar, and lapped 2-3 layers of polyester film + electrician non-woven for winding wire of insulating layer. The product has better pressure resistance, temperature-resist grade is B 130 ℃, and is mainly used as air-core reactor or other similar equipment. Our company adopt advanced eddy current inspection equipment, make product quality more perfect.
※ Executive standard: GB/T7673-2008 and company standard

※ Production range:
flat aluminium wire
Narrow edge size a:1.00mm—8.00mm
Broad side size b:3.0mm—25.00mm
copper strap wire
Narrow edge size a:0.80mm—5.60mm
Broad side size b:2.00mm—16.00mm
Copper aluminum round wire
Diameter: φ1.7—φ8.0
If specifications beyond the above range, please contact us

※ Materials
Flat aluminium wire should be compliant with GB5584.3-2009, specific resistance is not more than 0.0280Ωmm2/m at 20℃.
Copper strap wire should be compliant with GB5584.2-2009, specific resistance is not more than 0.017241Ωmm2/m at 20℃. url:

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