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Fri Feb 9, 2018 23:14
Responsibility is not a burden. It is the key that enables
you to exercise control over your own destiny.
Only by taking responsibility are you able to move life in
the direction of your own dreams and visions. Responsibility
fully engages the best of who you are.
Responsibility can be difficult, time-consuming, unfair,
inconvenient and uncomfortable. Yet it also brings you to a
level of empowerment that cannot be reached in any other
At the heart of true achievement is responsibility. An
essential element of meaningful fulfillment is
Every great opportunity is an opportunity to take
responsibility. Whatever the situation, the most successful
way forward is to act with responsibility.
No matter what has happened, or who is to blame, or how it
all came to be, choose to take full responsibility for your
life. For that is the first step in making it great.

"People are not prisoners of fate, but prisoners of their own minds."
Those were the wise words of Franklin D. Roosevelt

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