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Professional Colored Texture Plastic Hdpe Sheet
Mon Feb 12, 2018 08:08

The UHMWPE Sythetic Ice Rink is well known for five top performance of high-wear-resistance, good-chemical resistance, low-temperature resistance, self-lubrication and high-impact resistance.

Tangyin xinxing Plastics engineer Co, LTD. is one of the Manufacturer of UHMWPE Sythetic Ice Rink, and having over 12 years experience in produces and sales.

UHMWPE Sythetic Ice Rink is a kind of synthetic product harder than steel, and closest to real ice available today. The UHMWPE Sytheti Ice Rink is excellent for indoor or outdoor applications and even used some of the most severe temperature conditions. Best coefficient levels of friction on the market (10%-15% greater than real ice)perfect for training and exercise purposes. As the UHMWPE Ice Rinks are so hard, the scratch is not worried. url:

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