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Plastic Additives Desiccant Masterbatch
Mon Mar 12, 2018 12:23

Plastic Additives Desiccant Masterbatch Product Introduction:
Desiccant masterbatch can be widely used in PP/PE recycled plastic production . calcium oxide is the main raw materials. When applied, the moisture in the material can be absorbed. The calcium oxide is reduced to calcium hydroxide, and then the fine particles of calcium hydroxide are evenly dispersed in the plastic products after compatibility with the resin.

Items value
Appearance granular
Color White / grey / black
Carrier PE/LLDPE(Can be customized)
MFI/MFR(190℃/21.6KG) 35-50g/10min
Density(g/m³) 1.5--1.75+/-0.1g/m³
Pellet size of Masterbatch 2.5micron
Recommended Diagnose 2%-5%
Packing (Net weight) 25Kg/ bags Vacuum packaging
Time to keep in Mixture 12 to 48hours
Eco Friendly ROHS(SGS)
Dispersion High

Widely used in the HDPE,  LDPE, LLDPE, PP/PE recycled plastic, such as blown film, plastic sheets, plastic pipes, blow molding, etc.

Plastic Additives Desiccant Masterbatch Product Advantage:

+ Better water absorption, powerful water absorbing could up to its weight 20%-----You can get the effect you want according to the ratio of adding, our desiccant masterbatch won't let your product contain excessive moisture and bubble.
+ Perfect diffusing,less effect on products glossing and coloring.----If you are concerned about the effect of the mastebatch of other companies on the color and polish of your products, you can choose our masterbatch, and we will ensure that this does not happen.
+ Good corrosion resistance----That makes your product with excellent corrosion resistance, which can improve the use time of your products, and makes your products more popular.
+ Non-toxic and environment-friendly, no hurt on worker----Our masterbatch uses environmental protection technology, you use medium to the environment less pollution, basically can not need to deal with that, save the environmental protection expense; It is safer to use, and ensure worker safety, let you have no worries .
+ Certified by ROHS & SGS & ISO9001----Our products have passed ROHS & SGS & ISO9001 certifications, and there are no safety hazards for the products produced.
+ little effect on mechanical property---- You can save most of your maintenance machinery costs url:

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