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Plastic Color Red Masterbatch
Tue Mar 13, 2018 12:24

Plastic Color Red Masterbatch Product Introduction:

Red granule with high level of fire retatdant efficency. Used generally in PE (electricity wire cladding material)PP,PA,PET and so on.

♦ good heat stability, high efficient fire retarding
♦ high index of leakage of electricity
♦ low smoke, non pollution
♦ no frost,non dusty, non corrupt

Plastic Color Red Masterbatch Product Parameters:

Index Value
Carrier PE/LLDPE(Can be customized)
Moisture(<%)  0.1
MFI/MFR(190℃/21.6KG) 1.3g/10min
Appearance 2.5*3.0mm taper granule
Temperature resistance 220℃-300℃
Recommended Diagnose 3-5%
Migration resistance grade 8
Light Fastness grade 8
Eco Friendly ROHS(SGS)
Dispersion High
Gloss grades High gloss

Plastic Color Red Masterbatch Product Applications:

1) Film blowing: plastic bags, courier bags, agricultural film, mulch, inner film, geomembrane, etc
2) Injection molding: hanger, kit, steering wheel ,  building material, plastic toy, etc
3) Wire drawing: woven bags, strap, sunshade net,fiber-drawing,  wire drawing , etc
4) Extrusion: strap
5) Food grade products: lunch boxes, liner cast film, etc
6) Blow molding: container, crafts, packaging bottles, etc

Plastic Color Red Masterbatch Product Advantage:

+Good flowability and compatibility----Our products can be compatible with LLDPE/HDPE/PE/PP/ABS/PS/PA/PVC/EVA
+ Non-toxic and environment-friendly----Our masterbatch uses environmental protection technology, you use medium to the environment less pollution, basically can not need to deal with that, save the environmental protection expense; It is safer to use, and ensure worker safety, let you have no worries .
+ high brightness----we can make your products more brightness
+ The shape and size of masterbatch----We can produce the masterbatch that meets your mechanical use according to your requirement, and can change the shape and size of the masterbatch
+ high covering----We ensure that the carbon black particles are uniformly covered in the production of the product url:

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