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Rosemary Extract
Tue Apr 10, 2018 14:03

Rosemary extract is obtained from ground dried leaves of Rosmarinus officinalis L using food-grade solvents, namely, acetone or ethanol. Rosemary extract is identified by the total content of carnosol and carnosic acid as a ratio of reference volatile compounds which are responsible for flavour.
Rosmarinic acid is a natural polyphenol antioxidant carboxylic acid found in many Lamiaceae herbs used commonly as culinary herbs such as lemon balm, rosemary, oregano, sage, thyme and peppermint. Chemically, rosmarinic acid is an ester of caffeic acid with 3, 4-dihydroxyphenyl lactic acid. It is a red-orange powder that is slightly soluble in water, but well soluble in most organic solvents. Because of its antioxidant activity, it has beneficial effects in humans.
Benefits of Rosemary Extract:
(1) Rosmarinic acid exhibits various pharmacological activities including prevention of oxidation of low density lipoprotein,inhibition of murine cell proliferative activity and of cyclooxygenase,and anti-allergic action.
(2) The biological activity of rosmarinic acid is described as antibacterial, antiviral,and antioxidative.
(3) Its activity especially against rheumatic and inflammatory conditions makes it a sought-after substance for use in phytotherapy. url:

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