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hydraulic wire saw(Concrete saw , wall saw)|diamond wire|in
Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:51

Description of concrete diamond wire cutting machine

The diamond wire saw cutter differs from others, such as the bandsaw, by using abrasion instead of saw teeth.The process also produces less kerf and wasted materials when compared with conventional solid blades. The wire cutter also allows circular cutting on all sides, preventing the wire from getting pinched and is therefore an effective method of resisting compressive forces while cutting a wide range of materials.

The rope used on an industrial diamond wire saw machine is a made from a loop of high tensile steel connected by a mechanical joiner. On the outside of the rope are carrier rings, on which diamonds are either sintered or retained by an electroplated layer. The final assembled diamond rope is then coated with an elastomeric compound, which helps to retain the components and to protect against corrosion. This results in a typical diameter over the carrier rings being around 10mm to 11mm.
A range of models available capable of cutting 6" to 84" pipe
Hydraulic clamping and auto feed capability
Diver and ROV compatible
Diamond wire saw rental or purchase options available.
Powerful hydraulic drive User replaceable clamp contact pads, wheels and wheel liners. Front, back and top lifting swivels All models designed with as many common parts as possible. Crimped or continuous loop wires available (48 beads per meter) Models available for shallow and deep water use url:

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