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Pneumatic hand held scabbler|multi-heads|Chisel head diamete
Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:54

Introduction of Pneumatic hand held floor scabbler:

Multi head scabblers are the ideal tools for roughing and preparing concrete in small areas such as concrete joints .

The VLSH1 low vibration model helps reducing the risk to operators of vibration related injuries.

The vacuum should allows the connection of an industrial dust collector for collecting nuisance and hazardous dust for protection of operators and environment.

FEATURES Of Pneumatic Hand Held Floor Scabbler:
Multi head scabblers replaceable tough carbide tipped piston for fast production and long service life

Ergonomic handle for ease of use - Also available with a short handle for tight areas

Simple and robust design for easy maintenance

Vibration reduction system for operator safety

APPLICATIONS Of Pneumatic Hand Held Floor Scabbler:

Removal of laitance

Roughening and exposing aggregate

Preparing joints and cracks

Removing coatings

Reduction and levelling

Features of pneumatic hand held scabbler:
1 2500 square meters / 8 hours
2 with a light, flexible, high efficiency
3 with a vacuum function, environmentally friendly and practical. url:

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