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CCS Grade FH32 ship plate CCS Grade FH32 shipbuilding steel
Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:58

CCS Grade FH32 ship plate CCS Grade FH32 shipbuilding steel CCS FH32 steel plate
With alloy elements especially the element Nickel,CCS Grade FH32 shipbuilding steel plate can bear the weather corrosion when using to build ships and vessels.When rolling CCS Grade FH32 steel plate,the steel should be chosed as full killed and hot rolling.Normalized heat treatment have to be done when the steel billets finished.Low temperature impacting test should be made under minus 60 centigree.

Gnee steel are rolling thousands tons of shipbuilding steel plates CCS Grade FH32 with CCS agency endorsed and stamped every month,and transported to domestic shipyards to use and export to overseas shipyards to building vessels,docks,ships cranes.Welcome our vast customer to inquiry us for shipbuilding steel plates CCS Grade FH32 and get velued quotations&technical information form Gnee steel sooner.
Mechanical properties for Shipbuilding steel plate CCS Grade FH32:

Yield strength (Mpa) Tensile strength (Mpa) Steel Mark
315 440-590 CCS/FH32/F32

Chemical composition of Heat analysis for Shipbuilding steel plate CCS Grade FH32 (Max %):

C Mn Si P S Al
(acid) Nb
0.16 0.90-1.60 0.50 0.025 0.025 ≥ 0.015
Ti V Ni Cu Cr Mo N
0.02 0.03--0.10 0.80 0.35 0.20 0.08 0.009 url:

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