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High Potassium Foliar Fertilizer
Thu Apr 12, 2018 16:56

High Potassium Foliar Fertilizer

Main Ingredient
organic matter >330g/L,

Suitable Plant
All agricultural and horticultural plants, landscaping and gardening.

Stored condition
Store at room tempetature, and keep in the cool and ventilated place.

three years.

1).Promoting to absorbing efficiency nutrition and root growth,strengthening the ability
of resisting cold,drought and pest.
2).Promoting burgeon and young crops growing entirely.
3).Promoting blossom, pollination, fruiting earlier.
4).Improving soil quality and eliminating the inner rest toxin caused by pesticide.
5).Increases the soil fertility and optimizes its structure,enhances the utilization of
other nutrient fertilizer.

Method of application
1).Dillute 600-800 times,mainly used to spray on leaves.
2).For vegetables or flower 0.5L/ha,for fruit tree,1.5L/ha.
3).For growing plants, maintenance spraying is once every fifteen days.
4).For fruiter,spray every 15-20days from fruit expansion period until harvest time over.
5).Can use it together with other foliar fertilizer and pesiticide.
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