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Fatty liver fix
Thu Apr 12, 2018 21:04

Are you looking for instant results? Then you'll likely put
forth great effort and expense while encountering much
frustration, with no guarantee that you'll reach your goal.

There is a much more reliable and easily accessible way to
achieve the results you seek. It is with patience.

Instead of fighting against time and making time your enemy,
use time as your friend. Instead of being resentful that you
can't have it all now, be thankful that you can savor the
process of working your way toward a meaningful goal.

To obtain anything of great value, you must provide great
value and exert great effort. Spreading that effort over a
reasonable amount of time is a key to dependable success.

Rushing through life is neither enjoyable nor effective.
Slow down, spend your time and resources wisely and
thoughtfully, and enjoy the journey.

With your efforts steady and consistent, have the patience
to let life unfold at a sustainable pace. And the results
you seek will surely come to you in good time.

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