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Roasted Seaweed Nori sushi nori
Fri May 11, 2018 23:58

Roasted Seaweed Roasted Nori Sushi 100sheets
Brief description:

1.100% natural seaweed.
2.100sheetsx40bags/ctn. 50sheetsx80bags/ctns. 10sheetsx300bags/ctn
3.250ctns/20fcl. 500ctns/40fcl
4.Roasted seaweed Nori: A.B.C grade
5.Roasted Nori: Half sheet size or full sheet size
6.plastic zipper bag.
Sushi Nori information:
Dark Green
Fresh seaweed, Seaweed Flavor, a little salty
Fresh Seaweed wakame
Serving Suggestion
Nori is often used as a wrap for sushi and onigiri.
It is also a garnish or flavoring in noodle preparations and soups.
It is actually human food consumption item used in oriental cooking .
Nori is sometimes used as a form of food decoration.

Products Description:
- Shelf life: 18 months.
- Seaweed size: 19cm*21cm
- Process: roste
- Product of origin: China.
We have own breeding base and guarantee enough cargo and competitive price for you. welcome to visit our factroy and breeding base.


Keep in cool and dry place without sunshine. Damp will make Nori soft. So pls use it soon after open. url:

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