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Removable Rotary Vibrating Screen
Thu May 17, 2018 19:28

Spin vibration sieve is a kind of high precision fine powder screening machine, works by the upright motor as vibration source, electrical installation biased hammering on both ends of the upper and lower, the motor rotation movement into horizontal, vertical, inclined three dimensional movement, then pass the movement to the screen surface.

Adjust the phase Angle of upper and lower ends, can change the course of movement on the surface of the material in the screen, vibration due to its operation principle, many companies also known as the "three dimensional vibrating screen points filter", according to shape structure is part of the customers' call for circular screen, from the material point of standard sieve and normal vibration sieve, and material contact part of the standard of 304 stainless steel material, base for carbon steel material, the ordinary type of the brick for carbon steel material. url:

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