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Various Fish Plate Rail Joints
Thu Jun 7, 2018 11:04

Product Description:
Railway rail fishplate/Railway Joint splint is used to joint/connect two pieces steel rails, such as light steel rail and heavy steel rail.
There are two kinds of rail fishplates, 4 holes and 6 holes. 4 holes rail fishplate is used to connect light steel rail,6 holes rail fishplate is used to connect heavy steel rail.
Product List:
1. Elastic Rail Clip and Clamp Series
2. Rail Screw Spike/coach screw/drive screw/dog spike;
3. Plastic Dowel/screw dowel;
4. Track Bolt with Nut;
5. Rail Base (Tie) Plate;
6. Rail Fish Plate, Fish Bolt, nut and washers;
7. Railway Shoulder (Insert);
8. Railroad Rubber and EVA Pad;
9. Rail spring washer, Rail plain washer;
10. Rail Clamp plate; url:

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