P10 Full Color Outdoor Led Screen Display
Sat Jul 7, 2018 07:06

Pixel : 10mmP10 Density(dots/m²): 10000Module size: 320*160mmResolution: 32*16(dots)Viewing Distance: ≥10mhigh brightness: ≥7000(cd/m²)1) Professional use for out-of-home digital advertising2) Outdoor P10 DIP LED display is professional designed and adjustable,Website:http://www.ledmii.com, which can be used in different environment.3) The repairment of P10 DIP LED display’s single light decreases the cost, and makes it easy for maintenance, also this product is energy-efficient and environment-friendly.4) Front maintenance is easy to realize, no need maintenance corridor so the whole screen can be very small. The   outdoor DIP LED display fits the outdoor environment very well and it is waterproof, durable and nice cooling system.5)The SMD(3-in-1) LED package provides wider viewing angles and extremely close viewing diatances.6)Advanced video processing produces crystal-clear ,detailed images with smooth motion reproductions . 

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