Aluminum Drawn Tube
Sat Jul 7, 2018 07:34

Aluminium TubePrecision Aluminium Drawn Tube Size Range: 3mm to 170mm O.D.Tube Wall thickness 0.5mm to 7mm depending on alloy,Website:, tolerance and temper.Aluminium Drawn Tube is available in Rectangular, Flat sided, oval and Special aluminium shapes manufactured to order.Our precision drawn aluminium tube is produced from porthole and seamless extrusion and is available in cut length of 4.0mm to 6000mm.Whilst the majority of production relates to aluminium round tubes, we also have extensive fabrication facilities for tube bending, aluminium welding and assembly. The aluminum drawn tube process provides exceptional control, added strength, and a superior finish. aluminium drawn tubing increases mechanical properties and further refines structure, enhances formability, and can be produced in thin gauges. we are  supply of aluminium precision drawn tubes. We deliver aluminium drawn Seamless tubes and especially aluminium seamless drawn tubes. Our main customers can be found in the defence industry, aerospace industry, optical industry, electronic industry and automotive industry. High quality aluminium cold drawn seamless tubes from  International are also widely used in sports equipment.Our drawn tubing are coming out of manufacturing plants with an approved Quality System, UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000, We can performance metallurgical, mechanical and structural tests and also non-destructive tests, eddy current and ultrasonic. aluminium drawn tubing in conformity with requirements stated in the customer's specifications and international norms such as EN, AIR,ASTM, Wrought alloys available:Series 6000: 6005 / 6060 / 6061 / 6063 / 6082Series 7000:7005 / 7001/ 7075SpecificationThickness(mm)Diameter(mm)Tensile strengthHardness7075 7005 T5,T6,T9>0.55.0-80>310 Mpa>1406061    6063T5,T6>1.610-180>572 MpaHB90-110Length: < 6Meter   Product PropertiesTEMPERTHICKNESS(mm)TENSILE    STRENGTHELONGATION%StandardT50.4-0560-100≥ 20GB/T3190-1996T60.5-670-120≥ 4T90.5-685-120≥ 2 Application: Military Tent, bicycle ,pole ,machine ski-sticking,baseball bat, walking stick etc End used for military tents.Normally Size; Out-diameter : 7mm, 8mm, 8.5mm, 9.5mm, 10mm, 11mm, 11.5mm, 13mmThinkness:0.70mm 0.75mm, 1.0mm, 1.1mm, 1.2mm,Surface:anodized any color (black ,nature siliver ,red.) 1.Size RangeExtruded AluminumAl-AlloyTemperStretching TestHardness
HBTemperWe Are Able To Produce Sizes OfTensile
Rm/MpaYield Strength
Rp0.2/MpaElongation A%ODIDDiagonalA/FLengthRound bar Square bar Triangle Bar Hex bar
Round tube Square tube
Triangle tube
Hex tube Square tube II Slot Channel Angle2014O<245<125>1245O
T6/T8 F3mm~ 130mm3mm~ 100mm3mm~ 130mm5mm~ 112mm1000mm~ 6000mmT4>345>245>12110T6>345>245>121402017O<245<125>1645T4>345>215>121102024O<245<125>1247T4>410>305>12120T6>345>245>12130 2.TemperAnnealingTOHot workT1H111H112Cold workH12H14H16H18H32H34H116H321Heat treatmentT3T4T5T6T8Over aging treatmentT73T74T76T79Stress relievedT351T451T651T7351T7451T7651T7951T851 3.Inspection SamplesMechanical PropertiesTemperTensile Strength Rm/MpaYield strength Rp0.2/MpaElongationg Percentage A%Hardness HB2014 T6Standard≥460Standard≥415Standard≥7-Actual490~530Actual440~460Actual9~12130~1402014 T651Standard≥460Standard≥415Standard≥7-Actual500~510Actual450~480Actual9~10138~1432014 T351Standard≥410Standard≥270Standard≥10-Actual460~490Actual300~350Actual12~15110~120 4.ApplicationMaterial TypeMaterial shapesApplicationMaterial & TemperExtruded barsCold drawn barsHexagon barAircraft component2014 - T4 / T6Forging material2014 - TOSeamless drawn tubeSeamless extruded tubeSeamless rectangular tubeEjector seat structural Tube2014 - T6 5.Characteristica-Alloy Series: 2000 Series(Al-Cu Alloy)This alloy belongs to hard alloy.Has excellent mechanical properties and machinability, commonly used in aviation components, transport equipment, equipment components and other structural materials.-Typical Alloy:2014,2017,2024-Temper:T3, T351,T4,T451,T6,T651,T6511,T7351-Features :Not good corrosion resistance, but high strength,excellent plasticity, widely used in ctural materials.-Applications:Military, mold, aircraft structure,Rivets, truck wheels, propellercomponents and various other structural parts. Aluminum tubing is useful for both aerospace and commercial applications. Since aluminum provides about three times as much volume of metal per pound as steel products, it is the obvious choice when weight is a critical factor.  Excellent resistance to corrosion permits its use without protection in most environments.  The ability of aluminum to transmit heat rapidly and efficiently make it an ideal material for heat transfer processes.  Aluminum tubing can also be bent and formed readily and also has excellent weld ability.  Our inventory consists of both heat treat and non-heat treat alloys for aluminum tubing. We stocks 2024, 3003, 5052, 6061, and 7075 alloys in drawn aluminum tubing in tempers of O, F, T3, T4, T6, T73, and H14. ALUMINUM TUBING INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS:Aluminum TubingAerospaceAutomotiveHealthcare productsElectronicsLeisure sportsOutdoor lawn furnitureMarine accessoriesAluminum Tubing Alloy designations:The aluminum industry has created a system using a four-digit numerical designation to identify wrought aluminum alloys.  The first digit indicates the major alloying element. The second digit indicates whether there was a modification in the basic alloy.  The third and fourth digits indicate the specific alloy. The following represent the various groups for aluminum tubing:  

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