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Bromadiolone Liquid
Sat Jul 7, 2018 08:20

CAS No.: 28772-56-7Appearance: red liquidClass or Division: 6.1UN No.: 3026Packing Group: IIPackage: 25kg/drum,Website:, 50kg/drum, 200kg/drumUsage: Take this product 1, add 6 to 8 of warm water and add in 100 fresh corn or wheat, rice and stir repeatedly until liquid is absorbed.Put the poison baits along the rats runway side,holes and the places where rats often appear. 10-20 g / 10 square meters.For the farmland, baits were used along the ridge, every 5 to 10 meters for a heap, 10 grams in a heap, 150-200 g / 667 square meters.First-aid: Vitamin K1ItemsStandard ValueContent of Active Ingredient (Bromadiolone) (%)≥0.5cis-trans isomer scale(α/β)≤0.3PH Value8.0~11.0

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