Rat Poison White Powder
Sat Jul 7, 2018 08:20

CAS No.: 28772-56-7Appearance: off-white powderClass or Division: 6.1UN No.: 3027Packing Group: IIPackage: 25kg/drumUsage: Put this product 1 into 50 grains and 5 edible oil and stir repeatedly until mixed.Put the poison baits along the rats runway side,Website:http://www.eft-rodenticide.com,holes and the places where rats often appear. 10-20 g / 10 square meters.For the farmland, baits were used along the ridge, every 5 to 10 meters for a heap, 10 grams in a heap, 150-200 g / 667 square meters.First-aid: Vitamin K1ItemsStandard ValueContent of Active Ingredient (Bromadiolone) (%)≥0.25/0.5cis-trans isomer scale(α/β)≤0.3PH Value6.0~9.0Dry loss(%)≤3.0

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