A smooth long journey! Great expectations.
Sun Jul 8, 2018 16:54


A new perspective will come to you.

Life is dynamic. And for that reason, the bad news is never
as bad as it seems.

Whatever may happen, whatever condition may arise, you can
adjust to it and make the most of it. Not only can you
survive in the face of changing conditions, you can indeed

When you look at new developments through the lens of your
existing assumptions, they can often appear overwhelmingly
negative and hopeless. Yet when you start working your way
through the new conditions, brilliant opportunities begin to
appear at nearly every turn.

Circumstances are constantly changing, and even the changes
are constantly changing. As you continue to adapt, and as
those around you also adapt, positive new possibilities
emerge and take root.

It's difficult to know precisely what tomorrow will bring.
Yet you can know with confidence that whatever tomorrow does
offer, there will be a way for you to make the most of it.

For the value and goodness of life never go away. They just
continue to be presented to you in new and more fulfilling

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