Dehydrated Garlic Flakes
Thu Jul 12, 2018 18:23

We are devoting to supply high quality dehydrated garlic flakes which can be eaten directly or used as food sources and auxiliary materials. It has the inherent taste of fresh garlic as long as it is rehydrated,Website:, It basically retains the adequate nutrients.Our dehydrated garlic flakes are processed by advanced air drying system The dried garlic slices color range is from light yellow to light brown. We pledge it is zero pollution. With the support of our professional team, we can provide all kinds of dehydrated garlic flakes. In order to maintain its perfection, from raw materials to final delivery, we strictly control the quality parameters of the whole range.Our dehydrated garlic flakes material is picked from high scaled garlic from Jinxiang crop base, which is no exaggeration to say that this is the place with the deepest enthusiasm for garlic in the world. The people here not only like garlic, but also make painstaking efforts to grow best garlic.The related parameters of our dehydrated garlic flakes are as follows:Moisture: less than 8%Type: with root; without rootPacking: conventional 20 kg/carton, cardboard box external, aluminum foil bag internal (customized according to customer requirements)Quantity: 10 tons /20 feet container; 23 tons /40 feet container

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