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Are you tired of winning yet
Sun Aug 5, 2018 21:12

Freedom is the great enabler of opportunity. When you are
free to act in accordance with your most treasured values
and interests, anything you can imagine is possible.

Essential to freedom is responsibility. It is by accepting
and exercising full responsibility over every aspect of your
life that you become truly free to live and fulfill your own
unique vision.

Freedom carries with it great power. Responsibility keeps
that power focused in a positive and productive direction.

Freedom, lovingly tempered with responsibility, has produced
many great and wonderful things. Even more wonderful is the
fact that freedom's best rewards are yet to come.

For in freedom there is endless promise. With freedom, the
possibilities for goodness and fulfillment are always
growing more abundant.

Celebrate freedom and, more importantly, creatively put it
to good use in your own special way. With your life, uncover
and bring to life some of freedom's treasures that have
never been seen before.

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