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Gaint Roller Coaster
Sat Aug 11, 2018 08:29

Gaint Roller coasterThe gaint roller coaster is a multi car taxi sport. Tourists ride on the trochlear, with the track trend, suddenly sharp down the steep slope, suddenly in the rapid marching suddenly turn, the unconscious movement in the shock and risk in the taste, exciting and interesting. Main Parameter NameTypeLoadTrack HeighMaximum SpeedRide TimePowerTrack LengthVoltageAreaRoller CoasterFixed16Persons22.5m60km/h90s/round80KW440m380V/50HZ85*36m24Persons24m75km/h100s/round90KW500m115*45m33m80km/h140s/round120KW680m145*46m url:

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