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Sat Aug 11, 2018 22:20

Sometimes you can hold so tightly to what you enjoy that you
deny yourself the opportunity to enjoy new and different
things. You can become so worried about losing something you
enjoy that it ceases to be enjoyable.

It's important to keep in mind that your sense of enjoyment
does not come from anything that's outside of you. The
enjoyment you experience comes from you.

Certainly you identify that enjoyment with various people,
places, things and situations in your world. Yet the reason
you know these things as enjoyable is because you choose to enjoy them.

When you're willing to let go of what you enjoy, you can
actually enjoy it more. When your energy is not consumed by
possessiveness or fear, you have more energy available for true enjoyment.

Every moment and every experience is precious for what it
is. Instead of striving to hold tightly to it, let it come,
let it go, and let the next moment bring its own unique treasure.

Allow enjoyment to flow out from within you. And there will
always be plenty to enjoy.

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