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On your side
Sun Aug 12, 2018 21:26

Do not be ashamed of the things you desire. Be diligent in
exploring the depths of those desires.

Do not settle for mere superficial desires. Find the pure,
undeniable truth of the underlying purpose that gives rise
to those desires.

The best way to be is to be who you are. True success is
living with authenticity, being joyfully honest about your
own life.

Let your life unfold more fully with each moment. The
passing of time is always your friend because it brings you
ever closer to who you truly are.

There is magic in the most ordinary of moments. For you are
life witnessing itself from a fresh perspective, filled with
more possibilities than ever before.

Pay heed to the desires that tug at your soul. And discover
new miracles to which you can give birth.

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