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Be happy
Sat Sep 8, 2018 21:35

Are you finding your answers?

I pray you, glorious St Gabriel, to assist me through the love of God to gain the strength to carry out lifeís mission. Help me to live life with
courage and love for all humanity. With your guidance I will strive to fulfil my purpose and assist others on their journey. This I ask through Christ
our Lord. Amen.

Happiness is being where you want to be and doing what you want to be doing. As such, happiness requires nothing more than an adjustment in your
Wherever you may be, can quickly and easily be where you want to be. Whatever youíre doing, can immediately be what you want to be doing.
Youíll never be happy by wishing for what you donít have.
You can always be happy by accepting and seeing the goodness in what you do have.
Itís essential to have dreams and goals for the future, yet your dreams will not make you happy in the present. In fact, it is your happiness that
will bring the reality of your dreams into the present.
What you have is what you have, so make the very most of it.
Be happy, be thankful, and youíll be living at your highest level of effectiveness.
See the goodness and the value in your very own experience of here and now. Be happy now, and in your happiness youíll find and fulfill the best of
who you are.

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