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Mon Sep 10, 2018 22:19

This is a new day, so use it to add new and useful treasures
to your life. You are blessed with this moment, so make it a
moment filled with value and meaning.

There is no limit to what you can understand. Today is the
perfect opportunity to add to your understanding.

Kindness does not leave you when you give it away, but in
fact grows more abundant within your life. This is an ideal
time to find a delightful new outlet for your kindness.

Look back at the challenges you've been through and recall
how each one has brought a new kind of strength into your
life. Is there some new, purposeful and empowering challenge
that you can now offer to yourself?

Real joy is something that lights up your whole world.
Somewhere in this day is a new and wonderful way for you to
express the joy that lives within you.

Each moment that passes brings with it the opportunity to
discover and give life to a new treasure. How many new
treasures will you make today?

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