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White Marble Acrylic Stapler
Tue Sep 11, 2018 08:36

Product descriptionWe are wholesalers and suppliers of white marble acrylic staplers. These white marble acrylic staplers made in China not only sell well in China,Website:, but also sell very well overseas. At least one stapler is needed in every office. The white marble acrylic stapler can provide us with the ideal means of binding many pages together. This white marble acrylic stapler can be used for binding paper, invoices, etc. It is convenient to use, saves time and effort, and is very suitable for binding documents. Marble stapler is environmentally friendly. The marble pattern is mainly black and white, because there is no specific pattern trend, it also adds a touch of unintentional beauty.FAQQ1: How to get the price?Please send us the order quantity or your design of the drawing, we will respond to you within 24hours or sooner.Q2: Do you accept the OEM & ODM services?Yes, we accept OEM & ODM service, welcome to give us OEM and ODM.Q3: Can you only make one white marble acrylic stapler for me?Unfortunately, we can't. You need to order more than 1000 PCS.Q4: The color of white marble acrylic stapler is uniform?The white marble acrylic staplers have even color and lustre, no variedness.  Color difference can be controlled within 5% compared with the international pantone color card.

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