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Replacement Pall Filter HC8300FKS16H
Tue Sep 11, 2018 09:35

Pall Filter HC8300FKS16H Product Introduction:Replace original PALL filter,Website:, PALL filter series products. The current statistics to model have covered the PALL filter by more than 99%. There are complete PALL filter, PALL
filter, PALL original filter model parameters for free information. Of course, our company's PALL filter still HV company from the United States share of glass fiber, make each product can meet European standards. Pall Filter HC8300FKS16H Product Characteristics:1. Long service life2. high filtration efficiency3. strong ability to remove impurities4. large amount of contamination5. strong adsorption performance Pall Filter HC8300FKS16H Product Application:1. Metallurgy: used for hydraulic oil filtration of rolling mill, continuous casting machine, and filtration of various lubricating equipment.2. Automobile engine and engineering machinery: all kinds of hydraulic oil filtration, diesel oil filtration and water filtration for internal combustion engine, oil filtration,
fuel filtration, engineering machinery, ships and heavy trucks. Pall Filter HC8300FKS16H Quality Assurance:Have a number of state-owned enterprises research and development elite, technical master.Order tracking services across multiple departments.The product problem goes straight to the new one.  

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