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Replacement Pall Filter HC8314FKS39H
Tue Sep 11, 2018 09:35

Pall Filter HC8314FKS39H Product Introduction:The PALL filter element is mainly used to filter solid particles and colloidal substances and control the pollution of working medium effectively.Use pressure oil filters in
hydraulic and lubrication systems to filter contaminants in the system and ensure the system is operating normally.I believe that no one likes their equipment to be shut down unplanned all the time. I think this includes you.
Fiberglass can effectively reduce the unplanned downtime. Pall Filter HC8314FKS39H Product Characteristics:1) long service life2) low pressure, high pollution tolerance3) O - ring seal is good to obtain the efficiency of components4) steel wire reinforcing media: preventing fold clustering helps prevent media migration and maintain the efficiency
of filter element5) the correct combination of depth and quantity of pleats means lower pressure loss (longer service life) and larger pollution absorbing capacity, reducing the replacement
interval of filter element Pall Filter HC8314FKS39H Product Application:Lifting and handling operations: lifting, loading and other engineering machinery to special vehicles such as fire fighting, maintenance and handling, cargo winch and anchor
windlass of ships, blast furnace and steelmaking equipment, locks, opening and closing devices of ship doors, lifting pools and lifting stages of theaters, various automatic transmission lines, etc. Pall Filter HC8314FKS39H Quality Assurance:In the process of opening the box, if we find any missing parts or quality problems in the process of installation
and debugging of the filter element, if it is our fault, we will bear the responsibility and compensate the buyer for the direct economic loss.  url:

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