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Change is coming
Sat Oct 6, 2018 21:36

Be kind to yourself. The better you feel, the more value you
can create for your world.

Learn from your mistakes, but don't hound yourself
relentlessly with them. Build for the future, but don't
withhold from yourself the joys that you can live right now.

Delight in life's pleasures without sinking into meaningless
excess. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you as it resonates
with the beauty that is within you.

Find genuine satisfaction in productive, meaningful effort.
Give the best that you have, and discover the real, lasting
treasures you receive from doing so.

Provide yourself with the energy, commitment and
determination to do much. And regularly give yourself some
peaceful, relaxing time to do nothing.

Treat yourself with kindness, courtesy, respect and the
highest of expectations. For life is as good as you choose
to make it.

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