Pulling ahead
Fri Nov 9, 2018 05:04

Be continually at peace with yourself, and absolutely
anything is possible. Rid your mind of all inner conflict,
and the outer conflicts will not matter.

Realize that you can transcend anything, and everything
becomes an opportunity. Decline to be caught up in the
wasteful, destructive power struggles of the world, and
you'll find the real power to create according to your
highest vision.

Gratefully and graciously accept each day as it comes. Let
go of what has been, and eagerly take in all that is.

Choose your intentions as if they will come to life in great
abundance. For when those intentions are sincerely filled
with positive, meaningful purpose, they will indeed become

Instead of struggling to get one up on everyone else, raise
your awareness to the point at which the competition is
insignificant. Get in the habit of creating value, and you
won't feel the need to take it from others.

To be truly effective, be truly peaceful, sincere, thankful
and accepting. Find delight and fulfillment in pulling all
of life forward.


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