Hope for a better future
Sun Dec 2, 2018 21:23

This is a day to get things done. Make a list, and get
started checking off the items as you complete them.

The most effective power you can have is power over your own
actions. Instead of hoping or plotting to gain power over
others, make use of the power you already have over

Identify a difficult situation and get to work untangling
it. Choose a compelling possibility and make progress toward
bringing it to life.

This is a dynamic moment that responds to your input. Put
thoughtful, positive effort into it and you get valuable,
meaningful rewards out of it.

Leave it to others to do the complaining, blaming, fretting
and worrying. Focus your efforts on positive pursuits that
will make a real difference.

The best way you can spend this day is in getting something
accomplished. Get positive, get busy and truly enjoy how
great it feels.


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