Balance your brain
Tue Dec 4, 2018 20:29

Blessed Archangel Chamuel, I call to your all-knowing and all-loving heart. Please show me the path to true love and happiness in a coming loving relationship with my beloved twin flame or my soul mate, with whom I trust I will be united in the near future. I thank you, Archangel Chamuel, for guiding and preparing me in my inner process of the creation of a healthy, joyful and trustful relationship with my twin flame or my soul mate that will become my trustworthy life partner according to the Holy Will of God.

Please open the cosmic doors, beloved Archangel Chamuel, and reunite our hearts here below as above. May all that is destined to happen in my life according to my magnificent Divine Plan be manifested in this physical world right now today. Open the doors to my new love, to my new hope and to my new and everlasting happiness, blessed Chamuel. I am ready for a balanced loving relationship that combines my souls longing for God and my souls intention for the earthly circle of love. May this most beautiful soul that is following the same Path of Light that I am walking too, find my footsteps and find my loving heart that I keep open from this day on for a new loving relationship. Amen.

Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja

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