Get your health back
Fri Feb 8, 2019 23:48

Your thoughts have great influence on your life. So get them
working in your favor.

Those things you’ve convinced yourself you cannot do, you
will not do. By the same token, whatever you’re absolutely
certain that you can accomplish, you will indeed accomplish.

Your thoughts directly and persistently control your
actions. And through your actions, you create much of the
reality of your life.

Every achievement begins with a thought. And every
achievement is supported all along the way by a continuous
flow of positive, empowering thoughts.

You won’t make something happen just by thinking about it.
Yet the things you do cause to happen are those things upon
which your thoughts are steadily focused.

Fill your mind with thoughts of positive purpose, joy, and
meaningful achievement. Let your thoughts lead the way to
the life of your dreams.


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