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Please pray for my cousin's friend, he's paralyzed for life!
Tue Jun 28, 2016 17:24

Hi everybody about two weeks ago my cousin's friend was set to graduate high school and my aunt and her family know his family very well. Well there was a tragic accident and they need your prayers

He dived off a diving board at a friend's pool during the party and unfortunately broke his neck. He can't feel anything not even his legs

Now he's in surgery to get some nerve into his arms so he can move, They say he can't walk again and will be paralyzed for life. His family would appreciate some prayers and thoughts for them during this difficult time

    • Thoughts are with them. BIG JOHN, Sat Jul 2 19:42
      So sorry Liz, prayers
      • UpdateLiz, Mon Jul 4 17:30
        Hi Big John, thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers during this difficult time, he went into surgery and is doing fine, He's in therapy to get him used to using his arms. He's still paralyzed but... more
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