Better Late than Never
Wed Mar 7, 2018 17:23

Hi, "Little John", and thank you for the kind wishes and Bug Hugs!

Bug Hugs back to you!

  • Happy ChristmasLil John, Fri Dec 22 14:53
    Hi to all in the Forest. I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous, peaceful New Year. Bug hugs.
    • Better Late than Never — misshollieathome, Wed Mar 7 17:23
    • Re: Happy ChristmasLinda, Sat Dec 23 17:16
      John, hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Love and hugs!! Linda
      • Happy ChristmasLil John, Sat Jan 6 04:42
        Hi Linda, Yes, we all had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you did too! Bug Hugs
      • Re: Happy ChristmasAlan, Sat Dec 23 21:04
        Thanks Lil John.Same to you.
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